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22 februari (Av Jakob Andersson)
New Linné runner: Mattia Gründler
New year, new runners. With a serie of interviews, we want welcome our new runners to the club.

You will here get a chance to know these runners but don´t hesitate to welcome them in person on a future training.

As a swiss runner, how did you get in contact with Uppsala and OK Linné?

I searched a bigger club, because I want to compete against and with the best orienteers in the world. Of course OK Linné is one of the first names to come up when you are watching Tiomila and Jukola. And I heard that Lunsen is one of the most difficult and challenging forests there is. So with Linné I found the perfect combination with infrastructure and abilities.

Rumor says you are interested in studies at SLU Uppsala, is that correct?

Yes, that is correct. But for the beginning I will start studying in Switzerland. And just have started with my studies last September, so it will take some time until I make a semester abroad in Uppsala. Therefore, I still have some time to learn Swedish.

Would you even survive a week in Uppsala where we only have 2,5 meter contours in comparison to swiss alpes?

Hahaha, it would be a real challenge in that flat area, but I think I could survive it. Because I live in a rather flat area of Switzerland, so it won’t take so much time to get used to the 2,5 meter contours. I just won’t be able to run slow up those “hills”. But we will see how I manage it, when I come to O-ringen this summer.

If you were a O-map sign, which would it be?

As a swiss I am of course a hill. But not only because of running up.

Tell us something about the picture below:

Hahaha, I see you saw my Instagram-profile. This was on our graduation-trip in Barcelona. Me and my friend saw that sculpture and where so fascinated by it, that we just had to adjust it. And as you can see it resulted in a very meaningful picture.

Which leg do you want to run on 10-mila?

That would be the first leg. The first leg is clearly my favourite leg in every relay. Because I think the adrenaline is the highest on this leg. And I always want to be the first one at the starting point. I really like to push like insane. But the first leg isn’t just about running, you also must manage the pressure of the team and try to stay in the pack. The first leg is just the best one.

What are you doing when you´re not training?

As I said, I have started studying last September. So not so much time for other things beside training and study. But sometimes I also enjoy a beer with friends on weekends. And I am always in for a fika.

What is/are your goal(s) 2021?

Really not easy to set a goal for my first year as an elite and the current uncertain situation does not make that better. But first I want my body to get healthy again, because I am dealing with hip-problems for a long time now. But what for sure is a goal for me, is to make good races for OK Linné at Tiomila or Jukola.

Five quickies

IKEA or Toblerone – IKEA, because I don’t like chocolate (almost illegal in Switzerland)

Downhill or X-country – X-Country

Carl von Linné or Dario von Cologna – Of course Dario Cologna

Stadsskogen or Lunsen – Lunsen, but I never was in one

Compass or contours – definitely contours

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