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15 mars (Av Jakob Andersson)
New Linné runner: Reto Egger
New year, new runners. With a serie of interviews we want welcome our new runners to the club. You will here get a chance to know these runners but don´t hesitate to welcome them in person on a future training or competition.

Here is the swiss runner Reto Egger.

As a swiss runner, how did you get in contact with Uppsala and OK Linné?

The amazing terrain around Uppsala especially with Lunsen is well known as well in Switzerland. As my compass-technique isn’t the best yet the terrains fit my needs pretty well I’d say. Furthermore, I was looking for a good training group which seems almost perfect in Uppsala and within OK Linné. And as I’m studying with Joey Hadorn at the moment, I had some talks with him, which backed up my intentions and as much as I got to know up until now, I’m really happy with my decision and looking for a long-lasting, great relationship.

Rumor says you are interested in studies at SLU Uppsala, is that correct?
It’s correct that I’m interested in studying at SLU the upcoming autumn, but there is nothing fixed yet. I’m currently studying “Wood Technology/Timber Engineering” in Switzerland, but my university doesn’t have an exchange agreement with Uppsala Universitet. So, I will probably study there as a freemover during the upcoming autumn-semester. But what is for sure, is that I want to spend the upcoming autumn (September/October until Christmas/January) in Uppsala and train there.

If you were a O-map sign, which would it be?
Good question, I think I would be a small stream. It always moves forward, but sometimes there is something in the way and it takes time to overcome the obstacle or stream around. But eventually there will be a solution and with time the stream will optimize himself, develop himself and move forward, no matter how far it may seem until the next river or lake is coming up.

Tell us about the picture below:
This picture is from my last race as a junior, the JEC Relay in autumn 2019 in France together with my national team peers Chamuel Zbinden (middle) and Tino Polsini (right). I had a good JWOC, but then a difficult summer and autumn. The day before I had a terrible long-distance, but I managed to pull myself together and came back in the lead from the first leg. After coming fourth in the JWOC-Relay the medal we then won as a team was great satisfaction.

What is Reto Egger up to in a parallell universe?
I don’t know, but if there is a parallell universe I would love to go there and get to know him.

Which one is your dream leg on 10-mila?
For the moment, as I never ran 10-mila up until today, I would love to run the first leg and soak up the tension and atmosphere there. But my dream-leg is the 10th and last leg, obviously with the dream of coming back to the arena in the lead in front of a crowd and bringing home the victory for OK Linné.

Five quickies
IKEA or Toblerone / As a Swiss runner who loves chocolate, this is a no-brainer
10-mila or Jukola / more daylight and a bit warmer, but I haven’t experience neither of them yet
Carl von Linné or Roger von Federer / Roger is just a living legend and an idol for me
Coffee or tea / There is no arguments against a good coffee
Quarantine or headache / I guess with a headache I can still train or at least it’s no 10 days

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