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8 mars (Av Kate Morrison)
New Linné Runner - Christie Courtnage
Nytt år nya löpare. I en serie vill vi välkomna våra nya elitlöpare till klubben. Här får du som medlem chans att lära känna dessa nya ansikten. Tveka inte att välkomna dem personligen på en träning i framtiden.

Christie Courtnage our very first South African elite runner (at least as far as I know of?). Christie joined our elite group back in the end of last summer but unfortunately has not really been able to experience the real essence of the elite group environment with training, competitions, travelling and just getting to know all of her new club mates! But hopefully very soon she will be able to experience it all!

What made you decide to move to Uppsala and how long will you be here for?

I was looking at doing my Master’s degree in Sweden because of the orienteering. Uppsala ended up being my top choice of Master’s programs in Sweden.

Has orienteering always been a part of your life?
I started orienteering at 8 years old and since then it has become an integral part of my life. My family and I would attend almost every event offered in my province and often go on ‘orienteering holidays’ to further away events.

What is your favourite orienteering memory?
Definitely attending JWOC’s - meeting new people from around the world and orienteering in many different terrains.

If you could choose just one type of orienteering distance (sprint, middle, long or relay) which one would it be and why?
Sprint - I like the combination of the fast thinking and fast running in a good technical sprint event. (Although I am not the greatest fan of the new knock-out format.)

What is Christie Courtnage up to in a parallel universe?
I would be travelling the world, exploring new places and doing many orienteering races.

Five quick-fire questions:
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Springbok or moose
Summer or winter
Chips or candy
Knoll or re-entrant
Nåsten or Lunsen

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