OK Linné is one of Sweden's leading orienteering clubs, both for elite men and women, and in terms of strength-in-depth. The strength of the club is best illustrated by numerouos top-ten positions in big international relays as Tiomila, Jukola and 25-manna, and our more than 15 members with national team experience. Almost all club members have their base in Uppsala and regularly attend club training sessions.

We train actively throughout the year, with 3-5 training activities scheduled each week. The unique and very popular "training bank" feature on OK Linné's website allows anyone looking for training partners to post training sessions they would like to have company for or join existing training sessions created by clubmates. The club also has a very active social scene, with regular gatherings at the clubhouse after training, as well as special events throughout the year.

We have a long tradition of welcoming non-Swedish orienteers who come to Sweden to work, study, or simply to orienteer. Many non-Swedish orienteers have come to Uppsala and developed their orienteering skills with OK Linné. Most of them have become active club members, regularly participating in training, competitions, and social events.

A common way to arrange a stay in Uppsala is through a one-year student exchange. Uppsala is one of Sweden's two old university towns. It has an Agricultural University as well as Uppsala University, with around 30,000 students! Both universities are active in exchange programs such as Erasmus. Alternatively, it is sometimes possible to fix up summer work for young orienteers from the European Community who want to come and visit.

Uppland terrain is generally open forest with small height differences but many contour features. It is famous for its technical difficulty. Lunsen, one of the areas close to the city, is said to be one of the 101 maps you should run on before you die.

If you are interested in joining OK Linné, contact one of our coaches for more information. Alternatively, all training sessions are welcome to everyone, so just come by and train with us!

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