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12 april (Av Kate Morrison)
Another big welcome to-Leonore Winkler

(Foto: Leonore W)

Leonore Winkler
Nytt år nya löpare. I en serie vill vi välkomna våra nya elitlöpare till klubben. Här får du som medlem chans att lära känna dessa nya ansikten. Tveka inte att välkomna dem personligen på en träning i framtiden.

Even though she has been in Uppsala since last Autumn, we want to finally formally welcome our newest Linnébrud, Leonore Winkler. Leonore is a very strong runner competing for the German national team.

What made you decide to move to Uppsala and how long will you be here for?

I decided to do a one year Erasmus in Sweden and Uppsala has been my first choice after Umeå (thankfully I ended up here). For now I´ll stay until June but hopefully I can stay another year to finish my masters degree and enjoy another year in Uppsala and with OK Linné without corona restrictions and finally learn Swedish.

What is the best thing about orienteering?
Being outside; different courses and types of terrains; travelling around the world and discovering new places apart from tourist spots; varied trainings and competition modes; attending big and fun competitions such as 10-mila.

What is your favourite orienteering memory?
My favourite orienteering memory is running at WUOC in Finland in 2018. The mix of professionalism and fun and meeting young orienteers from all over the world was even better than JWOC!

(Foto: Leonore W)

If you were a map symbol, which one would you be?
A small, yellow hill with moss on top, beside a swamp.

Five quick-fire questions:
to mark the correct answer

Flogsta or KG (just because of the nice sunsets I see from my room in the 7th floor)

Threshold or intervals

Biathlon or cross-country skiing

Tea or coffee (100% coffee addict since 15 years old)

Compass training or contours only (compass has been my enemy lately)

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